There is a pressing a need for antibiotic alternatives. Caused by the rise of antibiotic resistance, combined with increasingly stringent regulations, pressure to maintain production efficiency and consumer trends.

“Antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest global health crisis we face.”

Every 15 minutes

1 person dies from an antibiotic resistant infection in the US

of drug-resistant infections come from the food we eat
We are using synthetic biology to drastically enhance bacteriophage stability and efficacy, allowing us to efficiently destroy pathogens, enhance animal nutrition and promote animal health in an antibiotic free way.

Nextbiotics offers bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) as antibiotic alternatives to reduce pathogens and increase productivity

Antibiotic Free

Producers can sell products at a premium

Microbiome Health

Improved bacterial balance and reduced infections enhances gut health

Improve Productivity

Enhance growth and improve feed conversion rate to achieve higher profits

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A key competitive advantage for phages is their specificity to target bacteria, crucial to modulating the microbiome

The microbiome is a complex variety of microbes, although some of them are pathogenic many fulfill critical functions for the organism.
Microbiome & Antibiotics
Antibiotics are used to kill pathogens, but in the process they kill all microbes in the microbiome.
Microbiome & Phages
Phages specificity allows to target pathogens without killing beneficial microbes, modulating the microbiome.

Our Team

Our team brings a unique combination of genome engineering, phage biology, pharma and bioinformatics experience.
Jorge Bardales
Co-founder & CEO
PhD, Biophysics, 
UC Berkeley
Maricel Saenz
BCom, Finance, 
UBC  Strategy, 
Management Consultant
Matthew Youngblut
Bacteriophage Expert
PhD, Chemistry,
Post Doc Research, 
UC Berkeley

Carlos Llanos
Scientist, Bacteriophages
Andrew Favor
Scientist, Bioinformatics
BS, Chemical Biology, 
UC Berkeley


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2945 Webster Street,
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