Nextbiotics is developing a biotechnology platform that uses proprietary algorithms and synthetic biology to enhance bacteriophages ability to target and destroy pathogenic bacteria.

Our technology enables us to accelerate the evolution of phage genomes to enhance their capacity to target pathogenic bacteria

Our bacteriophages are superior at destroying bacteria than antibiotic alternatives in the market

When comparing our technology to the antibiotic alternatives in the market, Nextbiotics phages perform significantly better than the alternatives.

* It is important to note that the concentration of product used in this assay is the growth promoter concentration which is sub therapeutic.

Dynamic Phage Library

(Directed Evolution)
- Enhance phage efficacy
- Increase thermostability
- Expand host range
- Food Production
- Human Microbiome
- Therapeutics

Our vision is to leverage our platform to develop solutions and destroy multiple pathogens


2945 Webster Street,
Oakland, CA, 94609, USA.

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